You’ll Be Fined $43 If Caught Wearing This Religious Sunglasses Style in Cannes

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Back in July, its mayor, David Lisnard, banned burkinis — aka a modest swimsuit style worn by many Muslim women — from Cannes beaches, describing the full-body swimwear as a “symbol of Islamic extremism” that could potentially “create risks of trouble to public order.”There have been plenty of dress codes that have left us feeling slightly confused, but the one that Cannes, France, recently put in place is flat-out offensive.

Many are saying the new ordinance is a form of discrimination, and The Collective Against Islamophobia in France is already looking into the legality of the ban.While we understand France is on high alert since the horrific attacks in Nice, telling people what they can and cannot wear — especially when it goes against someone’s religion — is far from a solution.

Scroll through for a better look at burkinis, which will now cost Cannes beachgoers around $43 in fines if caught wearing them.