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Cutler and Gross Sunglasses

Eyegoodies is proud to welcome to the site one of our all time favorite brands, Cutler and Gross.  Supply Limited.

Cutler and Gross is not about being overly complicated.  You will find no obnoxious branding or logo’s on the outside of their frames, yet they capture your eye with a “quiet elegance, and a firm and graceful classicism”.  The brand adheres to the same principles today as it has for over four decades, and for which it is globally renowned: unsurpassed quality and timeless aesthetics.

Cutler and Gross was founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross who opened their optical boutique in Knightsbridge London stocking handmade bespoke frames. Since their inception, their one of a kind luxury eyewear was an instant success and an integral part in forever shaping the landscape of the industry.  Other brands often try to imitate and take inspiration from Cutler and Gross, but there is nothing quite like the real thing; A difference which can not only be seen, but a quality which can be felt.

While most designer frames are mass produced using flimsy injection molding techniques, the manufacturing process that Cutler and Gross employs is both expensive and time consuming; there are no short-cuts taken and no detail over looked.

Cutler and Gross Eyeglasses

“The Cutler and Gross frames are cut from sheets of acetate and then the rough cut goes into a polishing process where we first tumble the frame fronts and temples in a wood barrel for 3-4 days with resin chips and olive oil. The tumbling smoothes the surface of the frames and prepares for the hand polishing, without removing too much of the sharpness of the frame. Every hole is hand drilled and the pins and hinges are screwed by hand, no glue is used in the frame building process that takes 3 weeks.”

Cutler and Gross have certainly captivated us with a collection and campaign in which you can practically smell the sea breeze and feel the warm summer sun…

In their latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection entitled “THE MERMAID AND THE OFFICER”, Cutler and Gross captures our imagination in a tale of romance and seduction.  Inspired by the lyrics of Tim Buckley’s classic ‘Song To The Siren’, they show us their softer side.  “Dreamy ocean hues of seaweed green, glittering blues and blacks, nude net and sand all for the Mermaid to entice her Officer, who in return compliments her in emerald green, smokey quartz, petrol and of course the classic and chic dark tortoise shell, but this time with a brand new matte finish.”

Here we present you with their latest campaign shot in the style of 1950’s Hollywood fashion, along with some of our favorite pieces from the collection.