Tom Ford Jennifer

Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses Review


This pair of sunglassess is different enough to catch my eye, and sometimes take my breath away. I am partial to certain shapes, and I don’t purposely look outside of those, but sometimes one sneaks into my vision and opens up my mind to other options.  It si the Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses (model FT0008).

Tom Ford Jennifer


The glasses can’t be described as any one type of glasses. They certainly aren’t aviators or navigators, and they aren’t Wayfarers. They aren’t huge, oversized glasses that cover most of the face. They’re different from all of that. Tom Ford does an amazing job of creating sleek and beautiful sunglasses that manage to be gorgeous with very little pomp and circumstance.

Great For All Faces

The Jennifer’s are a great size for people with narrow or small faces. They will not give you that bug look a lot of people get from oversized glasses, in fact they can work with just about every face shape.

All The Jenns

They come in four different color and lens combinations. You can buy them in brown gradient, light grey, rust brown and shiny black. Each of the colors has the ability to match any hair or skin color, so no-one is excluded from this design.

Jennifer Staying Power

These sunglasses are sleek but not super trendy, so they won’t be outdated in a year or so. That’s good news because they are not cheap. At just under $200, they are not the most expensive glasses on the market, but they are not inexpensive enough that many people can afford to replace them every year.

Petite Jenn

Although I’ve said this before, people do need to keep in mind these sunglasses were designed to be smaller in style, so they will be tight on larger heads. If you’re one of those people (like me), who gets very uncomfortable when you have pressure on your temples, these glasses may not be right for you.

This Just In: Jenn Causes Mass Confusion

Unfortunately for me, these sunglasses have really thrown a monkey wrench into my plans. I thought I had come pretty close to making a decision on the shape of the glasses I want, but now I’m just not sure. I love the available colors and the size of these. I love the way the frames come together smoothly and look like one cohesive piece. I even like the small gap between the lenses and the frames in the peripheral. I just love all of it. I am so confused now, but in a totally good way!