This New Supermodel Will Be as Big as Gigi Hadid Before You Know It

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Delilah Belle just signed with Elite NYC, which means she’s the newest model to watch and may one day walk down some of the same runways as Gigi. But like Gigi, Delilah is a smart, California-bred woman who is, at her core, a hard worker.Delilah Belle Hamlin and Gigi Hadid both made appearances on The Real Housewives series (their moms, Lisa Rinna and Yolanda Hadid, star on the show). But the similarities between the two girls don’t end there, nor with their gorgeous blond hair or affinity for sneakers.

 It is a difficult culture with body type and body image, and she wanted me to wait until I was older,” Delilah told Teen Vogue in a new feature for the magazine, also admitting it’s her dream to cover Vogue.”My mom didn’t let me model until I was 17. She knew the culture and the industry because she’s been in it for so long, and she didn’t really want me to get in it too early. She wanted me to mature more and understand things more, and not be so naïve going into it.

Read on to see why we don’t think Delilah Belle’s wish is far off and why we think she’s got what it takes to make it in the fashion industry, regardless of her family’s roots. Now, at 18, this stylish little lady is about to become an It supermodel.