The Sunglasses Trend At Coachella

Designer Review

On a bright Summer day, you wouldn’t want to step outside without your sunglasses. But at Coachella, where festivalgoers romp around, eager to show off their personal style, regular old lenses aren’t enough. That’s why everyone’s pulling out their eye-catching, mirrored shades in the desert.

Read on for all the standout glasses we found at Coachella, and see how they’ve quickly become the latest trend on everyone’s radar. Then go ahead and pick up a pair of your own. Trust us, you’ll want to wear these far beyond the festival. We won’t even call you out if you forget to take them off after dark.

These styles reflect the sunlight, illuminating and accenting the colors of your outfit. Whether you choose a round, ’70s-inspired silhouette, aviators, or a playful design that boasts prints or heart-shaped rims, mirrored sunglasses aren’t just an average accessory.