Summer 2016 Eyewear Trends For Women

Fashion Trend

The greatest trends can be found all over the runways, taking over the ensembles in some cases. The sunglasses often make the outfit and that is exactly what we see here, despite the fact that a bare face is often more lovingly embraced. The most commonly stated line for the spring seasons is that the glasses will be going big or just heading on home.

We have been looking at all the top spring/ summer 2016 fashion trends for a while now. We have covered everything from the 2016 colors to the patterns, the shapes and general styles to the spring 2016 handbags, the shoes, the hairstyles and makeup. We have done the nails as well and now we are looking at the spring/ summer 2016 sunglasses trends, a necessary accessory for any woman while the sun beats down on her during the spring and summer seasons especially.

The opulence noticed was also to be found on the innovative spring/ summer 2016 eyewear trends that often took us to the future and back. We notice everything from the true to form wayfarers and aviators but also some rather odd and flashy versions of those accessories we so love to boast.The Fashion Week shows from New York to London, Milan to Paris featured a theme of eclecticism where designers really played with prints and textures and savory flourishes such as that of lace, embroidery, crystal details and lots of sequins. Glitters and sparkle really took flight.

The year and the spring/ summer seasons seem to really bring the focus onto new forms of art, which means the minimalism of the makeup can easily be countered and balanced with the maximalism of what you wear on your face, from the jewelry to the eyewear. Style will be the main reason you wear them, as opposed to sun protection, and the sheer size of some of the glasses might throw you for a loop.

Glamorous as they are, the summer 2016 sunglasses are certainly wearable and will be further accentuating the theme of individualism. The extravagance aside, we really need to turn our attention to the fabulous art and the positively perfect product designs while transcend beyond mere fashion and functionality. The details and the overall aesthetic make this part of the outfits generate the most effectively stylish part of all the different trends we may talk about.

The top 2016 eyewear trends noticed on the runway include:

#1: Oversized Sunglasses Are a Must

This is the theme that you should take care to follow best. While you might like tiny glasses, it is the oversized that rules the runway for the spring and summer seasons of 2016 and we expect it will continue on into the fall and winter as well.

We see round frames with floral embellishments at Dolce & Gabbana, along with candy striped butterfly frames, square frames with golden glitters at Gucci, gorgeous aviators at Chanel with the engraved looks, and those round Escada pieces with the double wires. We see oversized squares at Cg, rounds at Custo Barcelona, combinations of round and cat at Marni and D lenses at Felder Felder, the likes of Boss, Bibhu Mohapatra and Banana Republic not too far behind.

#2: Cat Eye Sunnies Still Rule Supreme

Surprising as it may seem, while the cat eyes do reign supreme and seem to appear all over the place, they are not as big as we had expected previously. On the contrary, the cat and round combination is what many are rooting for now, combining two of their most revered styles into a single look. The cat alone can be seen though, appearing at Eudon Choi, as well as on the infamous Moschino runway show featuring humans in traffic colors and signage.

At Anna Sui, it is all about the floral details, particularly when they appear on a forest green frame encompassing gentle amethyst lenses. Of course, things can take a distinctly yellowish color as well, springing to life with the beauty of the spring and all its glory at Dries Van Noten with a cat eyed yellow-lensed bottomless rimmed pair of glasses.

#3: Intriguing Geometric Sunglasses

If you prefer the rectangular look over than of the round or cat eye, you are in luck! Everything you may want can be seen on the runways, including some gorgeous futuristic Marco de Vincenzo pieces that are right out of the matrix, while at Costume National the geometric shape takes an interesting roundish form.

It goes hand in hand with the whole IT boom happening around the world. At Marni, it is all about the geometric combinations as the common theme of round meets cat eye switches to square in pentagon designs in brown and other earthy colors.

#4: Aviators Still Dominate the Style

Gorgeous aviator sunglasses can be seen all around, from the futuristic but gorgeous Chanel pieces with the multiple hues and the engraves frameless designs to the crescendo effects on the Acne glasses that have a rather shooting star look to it, double tailed and all. Furthermore, Stella McCartney makes sure to pack a pretty punch with the red and green framed reflective glasses that cover up half the face with their oversized appeal, the dark lenses only adding to the funky results we are faced with. With House of Holland, the red turns to yellow though, the frame picks up some mesh and the wire rims appear to hold those sunshine yellow lenses in place.

#5: Titillating Detailing All Over

Details, details, and details… There are all types and forms and designs in terms of details, from the barely there to the over the top embellishments. The former can be visualized through the Chanel glasses that come in different hues but all seem to share a similar engraved design that has a rather futuristic effect to it. Titillating details you want? Check out the round-lensed beauties we see at Opening Ceremony with the waving lace details across the top, along the brow-line. We notice lovely details appear at Dolce & Gabbana with their buggy appeal, even more insect related as the floral embellishments appear on all sides.