Reviewing The Fashionable Ksubi Eyewear 2011 Ksubi sunglasses

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Ksubi Eyewear - Ksubi Sunglasses 2011
Ksubi 2011 eyewear “eye, eye” collection is now in stock.

The “eye, eye” look book featured below perfectly captures the essence of the line; part “end of days raw”, sophisticated, fashion forward, and very wearable.

The Ksubi 2011 “all seeing” eyewear range, appropriately titled “eye, eye”, gives us a variety of raw yet surprisingly refined and complex pieces.  The collection, made up of eleven sunglasses and seven optical models, modernizes post war shapes effortlessly.  Some unique elements from the range include metal mesh, welded clip-on’s, eyeglass chains, unique acetates, as well finishes such as antique gold or silver.

Featured Items from the Collection:

Ksubi Antlia Sunglasses Ksubi Antlia Sunglasses


Ksubi Marfik SunglassesKsubi Marfik Sunglasses

Ksubi Cetus SunglassesKsubi Cetus Sunglasses


Ksubi Atik SunglassesKsubi Atik Sunglasses

Ksubi Theta Oph eyeglassesKsubi Theta Oph eyeglasses

Ksubi Al Nair EyeglassesKsubi Al Nair Eyeglasses


Ksubi Delphinus EyeglassesKsubi Delphinus Eyeglasses

Ksubi Phact EyeglassesKsubi Phact Eyeglasses


Ksubi Matar EyeglassesKsubi Matar Eyeglasses

Ksubi Algol EyeglassesKsubi Algol Eyeglasses