Red-Carpet Sunglasses

Are Red-Carpet Sunglasses Ever OK?

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This weekend, the MTV VMAs will kick off. With any luck, it’ll be an extravaganza of weird and wonderful red-carpet outfits. But what separates good-weird from bad-weird? A lot of times it depends on whether the guy took one or two risks, versus six or seven. Sunglasses are always one of those on-the-fence moves. They can make the wearer look chill AF or extra pretentious depending on the shape, lens and his attitude while wearing them. To get some answers, we asked 6 of Hollywood’s top menswear stylists for their opinion on the matter. Take their advice into consideration when you decide to wear mirrored aviators in your best friend’s wedding pictures. Because it’s kind of the same deal, when you think about it.

Michael Fisher

Clients: James Corden, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Michael Shannon

“You have to be a certain of swagger to pull this off without looking pretentious. Michael Shannon has that swagger and can carry off the look. A tinted lens will give you the same effect but won’t looking standoffish. Generally speaking, people like eye contact.”

Evet Sanchez

Clients: Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco

“As long as there’s presence behind those lenses, I feel it’s fine. They should work well with the outfit and read as subtle and friendly.”

Ilaria Urbinati

Clients: Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Hiddleston, Rami Malek

“If it’s a daytime premiere, yes. Like a cool ‘60s-looking pair from Garrett Leight, Oliver Peoples, or Warby Parker would be good. Never at night.”

Jeanne Yang

Clients: Robert Downey Jr., Alexander Skarsgard, Jaime Dornan

“Sunglasses are great on the red carpet and can help with all the flashes. I usually have the lenses made with a lighter tint so that you can see the eyes of my client. People want to see their face.”

Jeff K Kim

Clients: Michael B. Jordan, Ben McKenzie

“NEVER. Don’t do it unless you have a medical excuse.”

Avo Yermagyan

Clients: Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas

“Sunglasses on the carpet is a fine line. I wouldn’t put an actor in them. I bend the rule for musicians at a music event, solely for an entrance, but suggest that they remove them a few steps in. The carpet is about connecting, and covering your eyes does the exact opposite. I would save the sunglasses for the car or the airport.”