Princess Victoria Celebrated Her Birthday Wearing Summer’s Trendy Must-Have Shoe

Fashion Trend

Princess Victoria managed to achieve the best of both worlds as she rang in 39, wearing a polished white, ruffled dress with a brown belt and the quintessential Summer shoe, wedges.

Take a look at her ensemble in full, then check out more reasons youRolex Day-Date Replica should be following Princess Victoria, aka the royal glamazon.

Picking out your birthday outfit can be a bit of a process: sure, you want your look to be special — this is your day, after all — but at the same time, you want it to be appropriate for wherever you’re headed.

The look proved to be the perfect choice as she greeted the public, played with her kids, and walked across the grass without sinking in. Has Victoria been taking notes from Jennifer Aniston, who also happens to be loving wedges as of late?