The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses For You

Designer Review

The piece: Warby Parker Boyd Marbled Charcoal Sunglasses


Why we want it: There’s the virtual try-on feature where you can upload a photo of yourself to test-drive some options and the brand’s trademark home try-on service, where you can get sent any five pairs for free to see firsthand which looks best. (A note of caution: if you like more than one, you are in for a tough decision-making process.)

I need another pair of sunglasses like I need another tote bag (and I need another tote bag like I need a hole in the head), but there’s something about Warby Parker that makes it so easy, or rather too easy, to get just one more pair. That’s because the site offers to-the-millimeter measurements of every frame, along with an all-angles look at them on the model so you can really get a sense of fit.

I very likely spent too much time deliberating, but at least I’m 100 percent sold on my new graphic frames before I even put them on. Now, if only they came in a tote bag . . .

The price: $95