Olivia Palermo + Westward Leaning Is a Very Awesome Match By Collaboration Heaven

Designer Review

The capsule collection, which launches today, includes eight exclusive sunglasses. All feature muted gold lenses but get a jolt of personality in the brand’s signature temple design – from teal seal glass to blackened redwood accents. The frames come in shapes and neutral colors that are inspired by Olivia’s timeless aesthetic. In fact, the shades “are effortlessly chic and flattering to just about any ensemble,” Palermo told us at the launch event.

Olivia Palermo may very well have single-handedly turned the world on to Westward Leaning’s cool-girl shades (not that its celebrity fan base doesn’t run deep), but as with anything the street style star puts on, we want it, too. So, when the Westward Leaning loyalist made her love of the sunglasses official with a proper collaboration, there was just one question that needed answering: How many pairs should we buy? Here’s what else she had to say . . .

POPSUGAR: You’ve been wearing Westward Leaning since the brand launched in 2011. What drew you to them?

Olivia Palermo: I really love the product, and as I’m building relationships with younger, emerging designers, I thought it was a perfect accessory. Everyone loves a great pair of shades and a great price point. I wear cateyes and I wear all Westward Leaning. They do amazing different color ways, they’re a great fit for my face shape, and they’re unisex. And when you’re in the shade or crossing the street or the sun is coming down in the evening, the great thing about these lenses is they’re not super-dark, so you can wear them a lot longer.

PS: This is a very curated lineup – they all have a very similar feel. Was that the intention?

OP: When I look at any collection or when I’m consulting for anyone, the most important thing is consistency. I went through all of our color ways and picked a streamlined look.

PS: How’d you name them?

OP: I wanted to have fun with it but didn’t want to overanalyze the names. I picked places that are significant in my life. My family lives down in Palm Beach, I live in Dumbo . . . London, I spend a majority of my time there. So it’s places all over – Berlin, Saline, which is in St. Barths. I was going to do Nantucket, but I had to edit because I had too many names!

PS: Which from the collection will you be wearing?

OP: The clear are my favorite, the “Primrose,” and the “Palm Beach” which is tortoiseshell with sea foam. Clear is really nice, it’s perfect for Summer – you are going to wear it with everything.

To shop your favorite pair (ahem, pairs), and get inspired by how Olivia styles hers, keep reading.