These Kids Look Cooler Than Most Adults

Designer Review

The limited-edition collaboration, inspired by MiniMode’s gold crown logo, features two on-trend versions of the brand’s classic Clark Sun style. They feature the children of those behind the collaboration and were photographed by Ashley Sargent Price, the SVP of brand creative at J.Crew, on her iPhone.

Searching for just the right pair of sunglasses for your kids this Summer? Look no further than MiniMode’s exclusive collaboration with Sons + Daughters, the ultrapopular Canadian children’s eyewear brand. At $100 each, the hand-made acetate frames — one with a silver mirrored metallic lens and the other in gold — aren’t cheap by children’s accessory standards, but the sunglasses offer 100-percent UV protection and are made to withstand one fun season in the sun.

And even more irresistible than the specs themselves are the photos from the campaign.