The Impressive Graz Sunglasses 2012 Releases

New Arrivals

Graz sunglasses 2012

Graz Eyewear 2012 collection is now available.

There’s a great use of geometric shape and crisp clean lines, from round to square to even octagon.  The range flawlessly utilizes a host of colors, textures, and materials. It is encompassed with rich acetates and one of a kind matte finishes in unique colors like matte root beer or bottle, frames made of metal (stainless steel or titanium), as well as several great metal and acetate combination styles.

Always original, constantly evolving, and perfecting his craft, Graz creates a variety of modern day classics for 2012.  The new collection shows great expanded range. We see chunky avant-garde frames such as the “General Idea“, pieces sharp enough for a black tie event (the “Otis“), as well as subtly redefined classics like the “Stray” series.

Without further ado…

The Collection:

Graz General Idea Sunglasses

Graz Otis sunglasses - black and gold

Graz Otis sunglasses - tortoise and gold

Graz Stray III sunglasses

Graz Stray II sunglasses - tortoise and gold

Graz Stray I sunglasses

Graz Stray I sunglasses - Black and gold

Graz Stray I sunglasses - Tortoise and gold

Graz Rocky sunglasses

Graz Rocky sunglasses - matte root beer

Graz Ralph sunglasses

Graz Rab sunglasses - gold

Graz Rab sunglasses - gunmetal

Graz Merik sunglasses

Graz Merik sunglasses - matte gold

Graz Merik sunglasses - gold

core pieces ... new colors

Graz Joel in Black and Gold (Titanium)

Graz Joel in pewter (Titanium)

Graz C.P.S in matte root beer

Graz K.M.C. in Bottle