How to maintain sunglasses? You can start from the following aspects


How to maintain sunglasses? You can start from the following aspects:

  1. Lens cleaning

Summer is a sweaty and rainy season. The lenses of sunglasses are relatively more likely to be contaminated with dust. Frequently wiping the lenses also consumes the lens. In daily life, you should pay attention to the cleaning work of sunglasses. If necessary, you can rinse them with professional detergent or water. After cleaning, press gently with clean paper towels until the water drops are absorbed. Special note: glasses with polarized lenses cannot be cleaned with ultrasound, otherwise the polarized light effect will be destroyed.

  1. Avoid high temperature

Do not place the sunglasses in a high temperature environment, because the temperature is too high, and the mens sunglasses may be deformed, especially the sunglasses with plastic frames are almost not heat resistant. When placed in a place where the sun is easy to shine for a long time, the frame is easily faded under the connection of light and heat. When the sunglasses are not in use, wrap the glasses with glasses cloth and put them in the box to avoid unnecessary damage to the glasses.

  1. Wipe problem

When wiping the Round sunglasses, you should wipe with a special cloth. At the same time, we must pay attention to the lens do not touch hard objects, do not use your fingers to wipe the lens, use a clean lens cloth to reduce the lens wear.

  1. Avoid contact with items containing chemical ingredients

Avoid prolonged contact with articles containing perfumes, insecticides, etc. that contain chemical ingredients, and avoid chemical corrosion of lenses and frames to achieve better protection for sunglasses.