How to choose the best sunglasses

Round Sunglasses
Let’s face it, sunglasses are not just a seasonal trend: they’re a want, a need, a must. Whether for masking the sun or “hiding” after a long night out, they remain constantly relevant. Trends come and go, so read on to check out how to choose the best sunglasses from the top sunglasses specialists. We got you covered.
Are you seeking a glam women’s sunglasses frame? Or, hunting for sexy men’s sunglasses, military aviator style? Perhaps you’d prefer some unisex retro round sunglasses for shades. We’ll help you find the best sunglass frame, style and lens for whomever the wearer. First to point out is that the most popular 2018 sunglass frames have a smaller, retro inspired vibe. Frames are built from acetate, metal or a combination of both. The oversize ‘butterfly’ effect seems to have flown. Yet the well-liked wayfarer and aviator sunglasses are still on trend. That said, they’ve had a makeover. With a more round lens shape and built with new materials, demand has seen them updated.
Moving on, the mysterious mirrored sunglasses remain, as does the fame of a flatter silhouette sun-spec. Design is focused on inspiration from the 50’s and the 90’s. Yet, these iconic styles have also been fine-tuned with new frame structures. Sport sunglasses now consist of minimal wrapped shields. Thin frames surround modern lens shapes. Pure raw function is key here offering: visibility, lightweight and protection.