Gucci Flip-Up GG0128S As Seen on Conor McGregor


The remarkably influential brand Gucci was first founded in Florence, Italy, back in 1921.Gucci has since gone on to become a luxury, high-fashion brand, known for masterfully forging a romantic, free-spirited and eclectic modern fashion world that promotes freedom of expression, crafting creatively inspiring and influential fashion goods season after season.

Gucci eyewear is recognised as being naturally sophisticated and perpetually on trend – adapting with the ever-changing trends, yet conversely unafraid to defy those trends; break the mold, and offer a variety of every day, ready-to-wear fashion that is charmingly bold, mold-breaking and expressive…Gucci sunglasses have always been a fine example of this, delving into the heart of Gucci’s advocacy of individualism and that which is out of the ordinary.

Introducing the Gucci Flip-Up GG0128S sunglasses…

These Flip-Up style sunglasses for women have been created by Gucci to add a taste of chic, retro fashion vibes to all 21st century fashion embracers wardrobes; they effortlessly allow those looking to stand out from the crowds the chance to do so in style whilst, at the same time obtaining an impeccably crafted, practical visual aid.

The GG0128S sunglasses for women have a full rim, aviator-inspired silhouette with a trendy keyhole bridge and slim, lightweight temples that feature a subtle engraving of the Gucci brand name.

The Flip-Up feature takes this classically cool and edgy-designed model to another level on the sunglasses spectrum, enabling this design to become a versatile and dynamic two-in-one fashion staple anytime, anywhere.

The Flip-Up feature works well on two important levels. One: it is easily accessible and gives the wearer transformative abilities; with the flip-up you can adapt to any change in lighting in seconds, expelling the need to perform the often fiddly and time-consuming task of removing the sunglasses, transferring them back into their case, only for the sun to reappear and demand their re-appearance too.

Two: the Flip-Up has a classically cool shape and character that will make a simple fashion statement. It is available in Black and Havana (two incredibly popular colours) with fully tinted green lenses. What’s more, you can also add your own prescription to this model, meaning there is no need to go out and purchase another, a solely practical pair of sunglasses – because the GG0128S really does have you covered.

Boxer Conor McGregor has been rocking these Gucci Sunglasses.