Gigi Amped Up Her Casual Look With the Coolest Jacket of All Time

Fashion Trend

Gigi’s topper may be one of a kind, but there’s nothing stopping us from stealing her outfit idea — or DIYing ourselves something similar. Scroll through to see her fun outfit, which she paired with must-have Adidas slides, then shop a white jacket to personalize in your downtime.

Gigi Hadid’s no stranger to a great outfit: nearly every time this It girl steps out, we’re ready to copy her look, right down to her fashion-forward footwear. But when we spotted the model on Tuesday working on a photo shoot for her Tommy Hilfiger line, it was her personalized jacket from The Mighty Company that we immediately lusted after. Not only did the chic black and white piece have “Gigi” embroidered on the side, but the back also included a funny twist on the Adidas logo, with “Hadidas” scribbled in sharpie.