Gemini Season: Your Eyewear Horoscope


Gemini Traits: Spontaneous, Witty, Curious, Intelligent

Signal: Air

Power Color: Yellow

Happy birthday Gemini! Smart, charismatic, and witty, and it would appear that everyone loves you. It’s no wonder you’re one of the most emotionally intelligent indications of the Zodiac. You are reading the power of a room and can blend in with different groups of individuals. For being impulsive known, it can be tough to hold your attention. But once something someone, has it, see! Whether it’s a fantastic debate or a fire project that is new, when you set your attention on something you are all in.


How To Wear The Gemini Power Color eyeglasses

Your fearlessness shines through on your style choices. A Gemini loves to flip heads in magentas yellows, and oranges. Balance your clothes that are daring out with more muted accessories. Clear glasses won’t distract from the personality and match with anything. For throw a pair of yellowish frames to raise your spirits and also trigger thoughts that are brilliant. Start shopping our selection of Gemini fashion eyeglasses now.