The Fresh Fendi Bags and Shoes You’ll Want to Reach Out

Designer Review

The Fall ’16 peekaboo bag isn’t finished in straight structure, but leather ruffles, curvy psychedelic straps, and velvet stitching. Floral embroideries sprout up where you least expect them, like on a dainty micro design — and these somehow still stand out, even against an oversize coat. Then there are the furry shoppers, conjuring images of the Cheshire Cat and reminding us not to take fashion so seriously.

First thought: “That’s Kendall Jenner opening the Fendi show.” Immediate distraction: the thigh-high turquoise boots she was wearing and the multicolor satchel she was toting. “Gimme, gimme.” Yes, the new Fendi accessories are so delicious, we’re already mentally working them into all our outfits.

The ruffle motif reached the footwear too, where textured booties or flatforms grew into stockings, extending above the knee. These were offered in plenty of colors, from hunter green to mustard, plum, and dental white. And don’t forget the eyewear: cat-eye, ’70s-inspired lenses finished in stripes that you won’t leave off your list of must haves. Hello, they match!