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Flat-Brow Bar Fashion Sunglasses

Fashion Trend Sunglasses

The top metal bar is a substitute of the large, straight acetate browline as they turned into a more elegant and modern form. The sleek and refined design perfectly mirrors the current contemporary aesthetic which has made them one of the best-selling sunglasses style of 2016!

This kind preserves some elements of it’s 80’s predecessor, but the metallic top brow bar is a contemporary trend. The rectangular frame hints of a slightly rounded shape making it QUITE charismatic which are regarded as one of the coolest men’s sunglasses. This trend will give you the stainless-steel-meets-plastic look that your personality craves.

brow bar sunglasses for men

Photo: Around the Block sunglasses

The Around the Block sunglasses is a simple and modern pair of sunglasses.

The bold lines enliven the roundness of the lenses. The top-bar over the bridge adds a whimsical characteristic. Like a good pair of jeans, they are just as contemporary as they are classic. With a rock look to them, they are perfect to wear with a leather jacket and rock them on a motorcycle!

fashion sunglasses for men

Photo: Around the Block, flat top brow bar sunglasses

Fit: Narrow-to-Medium Fit. Perfect for big faces with defined features, like a strong jawline, or for a crisp haircut.

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Another Blogger favorite pair is The Caper. This more upscale type of sunglasses . These bad boys are made for hiding in NYC in plain sight!

top men sunglasses spring summer 2016

flat brow square sunglasses tortoise shell

Caper Rectangular sunglasses

flat brow square sunglasses for men

Photo: Caper sunglasses

Fits: Wide Fit. Men’s sunglasses for a rounder or bigger face, as they are rather  large square sunglasses.