A Fashion Moment Of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Designer Review

While Angelina Jolie is one of the most stylish women on the red carpet, that doesn’t mean all the characters she plays are up to par. But in her new self-directed film, By the Sea, Angelina takes on the role of Vanessa, an unbelievably chic woman living in France during the ’70s. One fashion item she’s always got on hand? A pair of oversize sunglasses.


While Angelina and Brad may not have the troubled relationship their characters do, we love the poetic license Angelina took, turning a simple couple’s quirk from her marriage into a weighty symbol for her movie. Whether you’re watching Angelina on screen or on the street, there’s no denying the lady looks good in her shades, from aviators to a fierce cat-eye silhouette. Read on for 17 pictures that are pure proof, and once you’re hooked, thank Brad for making sure Angelina’s sunglasses are always in tip-top shape. Oh, the little things . . .

The importance of the accessory is outlined in Angelina’s cover feature for WSJ Magazine:

Jolie Pitt was equally painstaking about By the Sea‘s 1970s period wardrobe — including her oversize sunglasses, which [Brad] Pitt’s character, Roland, keeps righting for his wife after she tosses them, a lot, onto tables, a mini pas de deux Jolie Pitt took from their actual marriage. ‘Brad hates that I always scratch my glasses,’ she says, adding that in the film, the gesture shows that Roland still cares for her character, Vanessa. ‘Even when he wants to punch her in the face, he still fixes her glasses!'”