Fall 2016-2017 Eyewear Trends For Women

Fashion Trend

We have often found that the ladies donning on these lovely additions to their ensembles look more composed and confident, cooler in the words of the colloquial speakers. It adds a dab of sophistication to a look, a touch of chic to the style you wish to portray. The fall 2016 accessories trends can never be complete without the addition of the gorgeous fall 2016-2017 eyewear trends, sunglasses really, or glasses as a whole, depending on what the latest styles are calling for. A woman in sunglasses becomes infinitely more attractive due to the eyewear, catching the gaze of all who pass by and perhaps quite a few whistles of appreciation.

Well, that will only add to your own appeal among our societal members.As humans we love beauty and confident beauty is a must. Wearing the right shades to suit your features in shapes and colors that are all the rage?  When it comes to the fashion trends everything should be taken into consideration, from the way you style your hair to whether or not to include glitter anywhere; from the height of your heels to the fit of your clothes.

Things look so much better when you know you are working with the flow of fashion instead of against it, which is where these reports come in. Of course, this also means that the size and shape of your eyewear is equally as important, along with the lenses, the rims, the embellishments or lack thereof. Which of these looks are your favorites from the top fall/ winter 2016-2017 sunglasses trends?

For 2016, there are a few top trends and a few intriguing ones that also make the list. But there are a few things that need to be pointed out. Eyewear is not as big a trend for the fall season as we would expect, it is almost always worn with fringe, and there are no small lenses or frames to be found. The three facts become apparent rather quickly when sifting through the runway shows to find some awesome looks. While there are a lot of fun pieces, the fall 2016 sunglasses just don’t seem to have much place within the ensembles shown.

#1: The Oversized Sunglasses

Somehow, the oversized sunglasses are here to stay. There is nary a small pair of glasses seen on the runways these days and we are not sure how we feel about that. Some faces simply cannot take the oversized designs and would look more attractive with a smaller piece.

Nevertheless, it appears that covering up half the face with your glasses is quite normal, so experiment with everything from double rimmed aviators as seen at Carven to Michael Kors, where the frames are marble, the lenses are black and the bug eyes are really taking over. Prada’s double wire rimmed glasses are also quite the retro classic with a totally artistic twist, taking up half the features on the face.

Gucci brings in the oversized with its clear as well as colored frames, making the nerdy style look like a total blast. Yes, who does not want to pick up the Gucci oversized glasses anyway?

#2: The Funky Aviator Sunglasses

Aviators have been big on the runways for a while now. Also one of the fall/ winter 2016-2017 eyewear trends, they are a classic that just does not seem to want to go out of style. Opening Ceremony brings in the funky looks with the red colored lenses and frames, making things all the more interesting with the fact that the clothing and the glasses are perfectly matching.

Gorgeous double-rimmed aviators with brown lenses appear with the fringed hair at Carven, while Chanel’s clear lenses looked absolutely chic with the rest of the totally Chanel styles on stage. Ombre shades appeared at Loewe with a rather intriguing aviator look to them, complementing the vinyl clothing and the total lab look it produced. And then, of course, there are those oversized, marble-framed Karen Walker aviators that we are going to immediately get our hands on.

#3: The Round Lensed Cat Eye Sunglasses

Huge on the spring 2016 runways, the fall 2016 eyewear trends also bring in this rather chic, utterly darling sunglass look, complete with dark lenses and bright rims, rounded in the former and rather feline in the latter areas. Max Mara appears in this style, the very feminine glasses complementing the rather masculine slouches of the pinstripe suits. Add in fringes and dark lips and you have sexy walking down that runway. At Fendi, the rounded lenses were all the more intriguing and quite the sexy ‘80s look that we have been enjoying for 2016.

#4: The Bug Eyes

Rounded frames often give off the feeling of things being pretty bug-eyed when it comes to this style on sunglasses and this year it might just be one of the top fall 2016 eyewear trends to look out for. Bug eyes appear all over the place, kept in place with double wire rims at Giorgio Armani (where things are super buggy), while Kenzo’s bug eyes are pretty cool with the dual colors and darkest of dark lenses, the oversized frames really matching well with the clothing worn.

#5: The Colorful Lenses

Color is a great thing in general but looks often out of place in sunglasses. Some designers have opted to have fully colorful sunglasses appear though, often matching with the clothing as well, including the red aviators seen at Opening Ceremony. Colorful and ombre mix together for an interesting look on the Trussardi line in Milan, the upwards slant and colorful tints really adding to the eyewear’s attraction. Oversized and gorgeous, it was nice to see the pinkish tint to the Banana Republic ombre glasses as well.