Discover the P8478: engineered luxury design powered by Porsche


Founded in Germany in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the Porsche Design Studio has evolved to be a worldwide phenomenon that is known and applauded for its production of elite-quality, timeless masterpieces. The functionality of the products Porsche produce is always on par with its sleek, modern and luxurious aesthetics.  

When the name ‘Porsche’ comes to mind most of us would be inclined to conjure up glossy images of super-fast cars, and rightly so, but for decades the Porsche brand has also been delivering highly contemporary collections of clothing and fashion accessories.  

The Porsche Design eyewear lines of today derive from its exceptionally unique and luxurious 1978 sunglasses model the ‘P8478’ – today these sunglasses are one of the most worn models in existence and their influence can be seen in the bodies of all the Porsche Design eyewear models that have followed it.  


The P8478 sunglasses by Porsche Design are a vintage model that has remained perpetually on trend in the high-fashion world. They revolutionized the market back in 1978 by being the first ever pair of sunglasses to feature interchangeable lenses. The body of the P8478 is a classic Pilot shape that is clean-cut and classy and looks set to remain a fiercely popular design for all eternity. The sleek double bridge is cool and right on trend as is the fully tinted and mirrored lenses that it comes with. This is a refined sporty model with ultra-flexible lenses – these fantastically innovative features in conjunction with the P8478’s stainless steel composition are a true reflection of the sophisticated, luxurious Porsche Design heritage.  

These iconic, retro-inspired sunglasses have been donned by members of the trendsetting Kardashian clan and are a best seller.

A perfect match for men and women of all ages, this model comes in a range of colors, please see the full range on our website.

You will love making the Porsche Design P8478 sunglasses your latest vision-enhancing fashion accessory.