5 Cutting-edge Innovations and Trends in Eyewear

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Like most things in the fashion world, trends in the eyewear industry are fluid. Styles come and go, and technology advances as designers adapt to customers’ ever-changing needs and needs. From aesthetics and functionality to materials used and buying choices open a magazine or scroll through Instagram and you’ll find eyewear creations anywhere. Following is a quick guide to the latest trends in eyeglasses and the way GlassesUSA.com is stepping up to become a leader in eyewear innovation.

The average American spends 11 hours each day looking at a screen, according to a study by market research group Nielsen. We spend hours seeing videos on YouTube swiping on social media, reading the news, and purchasing groceries. All that screen time can result in blurred vision, migraines, and sleep deprivation.


Enter digital block technologies. Made to reflect and filter the blue light emitted in artificial light, these special lenses may be worn all day, both inside and out. The coating may be added to any sort of lens and doesn’t need a prescription.

Clip-Ons Eyewear
Remember your Uncle Al who used to walk around with his sunglass up? Talk about distracting. Your mother probably wore a set too. You laugh, but just know or can shutter . Modern clip-ons provide you with an effortless way to switch from fashion to function, while maintaining your prescriptive lenses.


These clip-ons fast and easily match on your favourite frames, letting you switch colors without having to purchase (and carry around) another set.

Sport Particular Colors
Running, mountain biking, tennis, volleyball — what’s your jam? Whether you need shades that are durable for hiking in the hills or frames for contact sports, you’re in luck. Features include arm slides for venting grips , lightweight frames, polarized lenses, as well as sunglasses which may float on water, which might be ideal for if you miss the landing.

You’re at a party and you want that special something to liven up your outfit. Or maybe you’re at home and it is quite hard to find anything in the dark. All we are saying is that you simply need your colors to glow in the dark. And you have the opportunity. GlassesUSA.com recently introduced the first-ever prescription glow-in-the-dark glasses. The limited edition frames arrive in white (throughout the daytime ) and blue or green (in the dark). And lucky for you, they are available with or without a prescription.


Make Your Own: 3D Printed Eyewear
Possibly the most disruptive shift to the traditional eyewear industry has been 3D printing — aka the opportunity for customers to design their own frames to get that personalized pair. With the support of Janne Kyttanen, a born artist known for his work in design for 3D printing, you may select between three standard styles of frames and download a layout template for free at GlassesUSA.com. After printing and creating the perfect pair, you can pop in sunglasses or prescription lenses ordered from the Website